Some Famous Moral Dilemmas and Their Applications

The Trolley Problem The trolley problem is arguably the most well known of many thought experiments developed to learn more about our moral intuitions. Developed by philosopher Philippa Foot in the 1967, it is an example of an ethical dilemma forcing an individual to (hypothetically) choose between two moral principles, neither of which result in … Continue reading Some Famous Moral Dilemmas and Their Applications

Highlights of Junior Year

Technically, today, May 28, 2020 was supposed to be the last day of school. But due to unforeseen circumstances, today is actually the 83rd and final day of spring break. It was a weird year, but here’s some of my favorite memories. Ac Dec Ac Dec is short for academic decathlon, an event where a … Continue reading Highlights of Junior Year

New goal: art wall

There’s a really big blank space on my bedroom wall right now, and through the summer and next year I want to fill it with drawings and other art I’ve completed. I really enjoy making art, but I can be a perfectionist and I often can’t find the time, so hopefully plastering artwork where I … Continue reading New goal: art wall

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