Trying Digital Art

If you asked me what my number one favorite movie or song was, I would have no idea, because my opinion would change based on what I’ve seen or heard recently, and how I’m feeling that day. But my consistent number one favorite Instagram artist is Yuumei – my friend Iris showed me her account … Continue reading Trying Digital Art

The Era of No Rank One

Disclaimer: The following is a rough draft of my first AP Literature assignment, aka the first essay of senior year. Names have been changed. It was a bright and sunny day. The birds were chirping. The flowers were blooming. But above the heads of the freshman class of 2021, a shadow loomed. It was a … Continue reading The Era of No Rank One

Cool things I did this summer

I think my last high school summer was well-spent. Code an app I did this virtual summer coding camp about artificial intelligence and at the end, we were assigned into groups and had to make a “capstone project” that applied what we learned. Our group (minus one member who mysteriously ghosted us for the 3 … Continue reading Cool things I did this summer

Art wall update

Wow when I first started my art wall in this post, I only had a mediocre amount of faith in my ability to keep up with it. But it’s still ongoing! So here are some of the drawings I’ve added since I started. I’ve still mostly stuck with the sketchy style, especially for buildings and … Continue reading Art wall update


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